What And How To Purge Before A Long Distance Move

How to purge for a long distance movePreparing for a long distance move can bring a fresh revelation of how much stuff you truly own. When closets are opened, attics are emptied and garages are sorted, it’s easy to get overwhelmed at what to do with all the extra things you don’t really need.

Instead of trying to pack it, move it and sort later; purge extra or useless items before your long distance move.

What To Purge Before A Long Distance Move

It may not be easy to get rid of things that have some sentimental value, but if you haven’t used it in over a year—it most likely needs to be purged. The “…haven’t used it in a year,” test is a great way to begin purging.

This can include toys or tools you never got around to fixing, clothes you never wore, extra Christmas decorations, and so forth. If it’s just taking up space, purge it.

Purging before a long distance move will save you time, money and keep your new home from being cluttered when you move in.

How To Purge Before A Long Distance Move

There are a plenty of ways to get rid of items before your long distance move. Don’t think just because you need to get rid of something, that it has to be thrown away. Before you pitch an item consider if someone else could use it or what it may be worth. Throwing something away should be the last resort.

1. Sell It

It may not seem like dollars, quarters and dimes can add up quickly, but they can. A moving sale is a great way to purge unused items and is also a way to make some extra money. You might be surprised at what people will buy and how much they will pay for the items you’re purging.

Be sure to advertise your moving sale everywhere possible. Make plenty of large bright colored signs (add balloons if possible) to get noticed. Be willing to haggle on your prices and remember, what you s ell is one less thing you have to pack.

You can also place items on EBay, Craigslist or in the local paper. By whatever means you can use to get the most out of your items and sell them in a timely manner, use it.

2. Donate It

After your moving sale, you will most likely have items that didn’t sell. These items can be donated to a charitable organization. Some of these organizations will offer a receipt based upon the value of your donation for which you can use as a tax write off. Getting rid of these items not only helps with your long distance move, but assists in providing future income for charity.

Most of these organizations will take furniture, clothing, shoes and so forth. So, before you pitch it—donate it.

3. Pitch It

While preparing for your long distance move, there will be items you need to throw away. These items will have no value in a sale or to charity. Remember, the less clutter you have in your new home the better your move will be.

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