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The keys to a successful move The people of American Red Ball know you are entrusting your world to us. Our professional, yet personal touch assures you that we care about each and every step along the way. Our people and equipment make all the difference.

Today’s the Day

Our representative during the move itself is your professional driver, a relocation specialist, who will oversee all the details and direct the moving process of loading, transporting and unloading your shipment. Our drivers undergo extensive training to guarantee that your world receives the finest care.

What should you expect on moving day?

  • American Red Ball’s fleet of trucks reflects a professional quality appearance and is up-to-date, well maintained, clean and safe. Each vehicle is equipped with the proper tools and supplies necessary to safely secure your possessions. To help ensure that our trucks reflect the quality of our service, American Red Ball owns and operates our own paint and trailer shop to maintain the appearance of our fleet.
  • Upon arrival, your driver will walk-though the residence with you, so you may point out sentimental, antique or other valued items that need special handling during the move, as well as identify the location in which you placed any items that will not be going to your new home. Make sure your driver has received your High Value Inventory.
  • As your driver works with you, the crew will prepare the residence, which includes protecting door openings, banisters and flooring. Additionally, they will stretch-wrap your overstuffed furniture, pad wrap your wood furniture and disassemble any furniture deemed necessary for safe moving.
  • In the meantime, the driver will begin the inventory process. The inventory is the official listing of household items to be moved, as well as notations regarding their condition. This inventory will require your signature at both the point of origin and the final destination. Don’t forget to move items from inaccessible (if there is no solid floor, solid staircase, full size opening, or a person cannot stand upright) areas such as attics and crawlspaces to accessible areas to ensure their inclusion. Swingsets, exercise equipment, weight sets, etc. should be disassembled and ready for the movers.
  • When everything is loaded, the driver will complete a final walk-through with you, obtain your signature and the date on paperwork, review the delivery details with you and answer any questions you might have about the next stage of the move.

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In Transit

Staying in Touch

Once the truck pulls away you can be assured that your lines of communication are still open. It is important that we be able to contact you in transit, so make sure you give the driver information about how to contact you before he/she leaves. If you will not have a permanent number where you can be reached, please provide a cell phone number and/or the number of someone who can reach you.

Our drivers maintain daily cell phone contact with corporate dispatchers who keep a close eye on the shipment status plus the committed schedule. Customers may track of shipment status through the American Red Ball agent, the driver, and/or the corporate office Toll Free at 1-800-733-8139.

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Time to Unload

When delivery day arrives, you will need to be at your new residence to accept delivery.

It will be an exciting moment when the truck rolls up at your new home. The driver will ascertain your wishes about unloading and review the charges, which are due now.

The residence will be prepared as was done at origin and the driver will direct the unloading process. The driver and crew will bring your belongings into your residence; reassemble items they disassembled, place furniture according to your floor plan design, and work with you to ensure that all items are present.

Please be prepared to check items off a list and note their condition as they are brought into the home. You will be asked to sign confirming what was delivered and what condition goods were in upon delivery.

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Do you Dread Unpacking?

We can do that for you.

Some people prefer to unpack items themselves or they do so to save money. However, to make things even easier, you may elect to prearrange for unpacking services. Unpacking service includes unpacking boxes and the complete removal of packing materials following the unloading process. It’s just one more way American Red Ball can provide that full service personal touch.

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