We want to recognize all of the drivers and thank them for the hard work they provide to our customers while maintaining safe driving records.

In the last newsletter, I mentioned ARBT has restarted the driver award programs.  We have slightly modified one program to award a Driver of the Quarter (Contractor and Agent) instead of a monthly award.

The Melvin Duncan Safe Driver Award and the Circle of Excellence will be awarded yearly to top drivers who excel in Safety and Customer Service.  Look for 2012 winners in the next MileMarker Newsletter.  We will recognize drivers who achieve Safe Miles Driving Milestones yearly. These start at 100,000 safe miles.

If you have not signed up for the conference, please sign up.  The conference will be held on October 17th, 18th and 19th in Indianapolis.  For more information, contact Dan Hall ext. 256.


ARBT has DROPPED an Alert Status from the CSA report, but we still have 3 alert categories.  Driver Fatigue, Unsafe Driving, and Driver Fitness.  Remind drivers, they have direct control over these categories.

 Logs – Meals & Short Breaks

Drivers continue to log meals and take short breaks as OFF DUTY during the day. Four factors must be met in order to take short breaks or meals as off duty:

  • Driver has been relieved off all responsibility for their equipment/loads,
  • The break must be a finite period of time,
  • Driver has written permission from American Red Ball and
  • Driver must be able to pursue activities as they wish to include leaving the vehicle unattended.

Unless all 4 factors are met, ALL TIME must be logged as ON DUTY, NOT DRIVING.

Drive Time

In February 2012, new regulations regarding drive time and reset hours were announced.  FMCSR’s changed the amount of time a driver may be behind the wheel without a break (8 hours max then a 30 minute break) and added a specific range of time to include two nights with rest periods from 1am to 5am for the 34 hour reset.  Drivers will be allowed only one 34 hour reset per week (1 per every168 hours worked)

American Red Ball adopted the drive time rule as policy in February, but has not adopted the new 34 hour reset rule due to challenges in the court system.  Both rules will be enforced starting July 1, 2013.    Drivers need to be reminded they cannot drive more than 8 hours straight without taking at least a 30 minute break.  The break may include a rest stop, fueling, lunch (on duty not driving) etc.


As an observation, some American Red Ball drivers need to work for a NASCAR or Indy Car team.  They can fuel a truck up in 15 minutes or less.  THEY HAVE TALENT!!

Please remind drivers to log fueling time properly and turn in all fuel receipts.  Fuel receipts must have the date and time stamp (if provided).  Many questionable receipts have been turned in lately.  If we cannot prove fuel was purchased at a certain date and time, we cannot turn them for credit toward fuel purchased.  This means we (and I mean you) end up paying more taxes then you potentially should.


Look for new Log / Hours of Service training and new Drug and Alcohol training to be out shortly.

The Safety Department is a resource for agents and drivers.  If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please let us know.


John Betzold, ext. 604

Director, Safety


Cathy Slater, ext. 162

Log Audit