Customer Service

The Best Customer Service that Quality National Moving Companies Can Give!

Red Ball Customer Service

We pride ourselves on giving “red carpet” customer service to all of our customers – not all national moving companies can claim that they do that!  We like to go above and beyond to meet our customers expectations.  You won’t get the same attention from other national moving companies.

How will we meet the needs of your family or business?

In a word – people.

People who are courteous, professional, and dedicated to the quality service you expect. Moving is very much a hands-on, labor-intensive business and the quality of the job depends on the quality of the people involved. From the salesperson, to the agent, the crew and your driver, Red Ball provided experienced professionals you can trust. We know that our most important job is to provide quality service and make life easier for you, our customer. Because our people care is just one reason we have been located in Indianapolis since 1919.

We promise it, assure it and provide it   

Our most important responsibility is to give you, our customer, quality assurance. We promise it, assure it, and provide it. Our exemplary service shows in the way we treat our customers, the way we conduct ourselves, and the way we perform the important tasks of scheduling, tracking, packing, loading and transporting goods safely, on time, and at competitive rates.

Red Ball specializes in the transportation of household goods, providing moving services to families as well as celebrities, small corporations and Fortune 500 companies, the Department of Defense, the federal government, and people just like you.

Red Ball is committed to personalized service

American Red Ball is internationally known for superior performance, innovation, and commitment to personalized service. Our written guarantee supports our commitment to each and every customer who trusts us with their move.

Knowing our customers’ needs and paying attention to details are the key elements of providing a Custom Relocation Service™. We’re so confident of our service capability that we offer our clients customized assurances and options for their convenience.

We go above and beyond just to assure we have satisfied customers

From our inception we have made it a practice to help our customers have the best moving experience possible. Moving isn’t an easy task and we pride ourselves on giving each customer the “red carpet” treatment they deserve. We have set a standard for customer service that is bar none. If we can make it happen we will go above and beyond just to assure we have a satisfied customer.