American Red Ball - Moving to AustinMoving to Austin, Texas will place you in one of the most popular capital cities in United States. And with everything Austin, Texas has to offer, you’ll soon see why this Texas city is so talked about.

Austin, Texas is located in the banks of the Colorado River and offers a variable climate and beautiful cityscape. Considering its location and surroundings, its no wonder this beautiful area has gown to be the second largest capital city in America.

With strong economic opportunities and diverse cultural landscape, Austin, Texas provides a secure home for both businesses and residents alike.

Moving To Austin, Texas – Your New Home

Rich in history and Southwestern heritage, Austin is known for its determination to grow without loosing a deep sense of unity. This dedication to community preservation is just one reason why so many residents are proud to call Austin their home.

And moving to Austin, Texas is sure to open your eyes as to why residents don’t want their city to lose its unique culture.

As a town that can only be described as creative, Austin provides a home to an array of artists across a multitude of genre. From painters, writers, or musicians, they all find a home here. This is just one reason why Austin is known as the “The Live Music Capital of the World.” You’ll soon see Austin, Texas is special because it values the very spirit and soul that makes it different than most Southwest cities.

Things To Do And See

After moving to Austin, Texas, be sure to take the family to The Texas State Capitol building. Located in downtown Austin, the capitol building is a National Historic Landmark and is a significant reminder to the patriotism that runs deep within this great state.

With over 20-acres of historical buildings and monuments, the Capitol grounds offer an exciting journey into Texas history and politics. In The Texas State Capitol rotunda, you’ll be able to view portraits of great men such as David Crockett, Sam Houston and Stephen F. Austin; men who willingly gave their all for the Republic of Texas. Pack a lunch or take a stroll, either way you won’t be disappointed.

While on the subject of history, you might as well check out the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum. With three stories and a special effects presentation, which will take you on an unforgettable journey through the history of Texas, this is one museum you don’t want to miss.

From amusement parks, golf courses, music festivals, and the list could go on and on, your move to Austin, Texas is sure to provide entertainment and amenities for the entire family.

Austin, Texas Eateries

Few places in America offer more fist-class dining opportunities than Austin, Texas. Not all of them will require a sport coat or offer valet parking, but they do promise to leave you with tastes so good you’ll definitely make plans to come back as soon as possible.

Once you get settled into your new home, be sure and check out Franklin Barbeque. Also, be sure to wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to wait. The food is so good that patrons have been known to stand in line for over 2 hours just to taste the slow cooked brisket, primed rib, pork or turkey at Franklin Barbeque.

And if they hang a “Sold Out” sign in the window before you’re seated, it’s okay, there’s plenty more places to find great food in Austin, Texas.

Your next top-notch food option might be Fogo de Chao, a Brazilian style steakhouse known for its quality service and wide variety of meals, including steaks and seafood. This award-winning restaurant offers an unforgettable salad bar and will undoubtedly provide plenty to eat for everyone. Fogo de Chao is the hungry man’s friend.

Whether a night on the town with just mom and dad or a memorable family dining experience, Austin has it all. With personality and style, this town offers your taste buds more than you could ever imagine.

And food isn’t the only highlight in this town. From shopping malls, to quaint boutiques, Austin Texas will offer your family a lifelong experience that can only be understood when you become known as an “Austinite.”

Red Ball Is Here To Help

Although you may be excited about moving to Austin, Texas, we also understand you have work to do. There is the logistics, the packing and the transportation of your belongings from your current residence to Austin.

For nearly a century Red Ball has been assisting its satisfied customers in long distance moves and our experienced moving specialists are trained to help you with every detail. Don’t allow the stress of moving to overwhelm you. Contact Red Ball today for a Free Moving Quote and let us carry your load.