moving to malibuExcited to be moving to Malibu, California? You should be! Malibu is an amazing city, right on the beach of the Pacific Ocean, and you’re going to love calling it home. With so many things to do and sights to see, you’ll forget all about the stresses of moving in no time and melt right into the community. Here are a few things you have to look forward to after you move cross country to Malibu.

California Beaches

There’s nothing you’re going to enjoy more than the 21 miles of Malibu’s warm beaches. Surfrider, Zuma, Malibu, Topanga, and others are all gorgeous beaches and a popular attraction for surfers across the state. Malibu Pier juts out over the water from Surfrider Beach, which sits adjacent to the beautiful Malibu Lagoon. If being in the water isn’t your thing, there’s always California’s Pacific Coast Highway that runs along the beach. Very popular among road cyclists, it’s also just a gorgeous drive to make on any random day.

Malibu’s Good Eats

Malibu is home to a number of celebrities, and the food in the city is up to par with their tastes. If you’re concerned about leaving behind your favorite restaurants with your move out of state, you’re bound to find new ones you love just as much. The Dining Room at the Carbon Beach Club prides itself on great food and great service, and its breathtaking view looks out onto the ocean. Dukes Malibu is also right on the beach, close enough to even catch a little spray if the wind is right. Given Malibu’s location, seafood in the city is a must, and places like Malibu Seafood and the Moonshadows provide you with the best the city has to offer.

High Class Shopping

When you’re making a long distance move, you’ll also be leaving behind your favorite shops. Fortunately, Malibu is known for its high class shopping opportunities. There are three primary shopping centers across Malibu. The Cross Creek/Malibu Country Mart shops aren’t very “country” like the name implies, but there are a number of fashionable clothing stores. The Malibu Colony Plaza shops off Malibu Road even features a spa for when you’re ready to relax after shopping. The Malibu Lumber Yard, which isn’t at all what it sounds like, has a number of high quality fashion stores as well as gourmet food shops.

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