Calabasas CaliforniaIf you’re moving to Calabasas, California, you’re going to become part of a wonderful community. The life you will live in Calabasas will quickly erase any stress you have from an interstate move. Nestled in the beautiful hills just west of California’s San Fernando Valley, Calabasas will charm you with its many friendly neighborhoods, and its beautiful rolling hills and waterfalls. Calabasas residents are happy with the city they live in, and it is easy to see why.

Calabasas, California for the Kids

Located at Gates Canyon Park in Calabasas, Brandon’s Village is a universally accessible playground. Your kids will love the many different kinds of playground equipment available. It also features picnic areas with barbeques, a fitness course, a basketball court, tennis courts, and plenty of open grass areas for any other activity you and your children would like to participate in. The great thing about Brandon’s Village is that it is a great place for children of all ages, and because it is universally accessible it can be used by all kinds of people no matter what kinds of disabilities a person may have.

Delicious Food in Calabasas, California

Although you will obviously be leaving some of your favorite restaurants behind, you will surely find new restaurant favorites in Calabasas. There are restaurants over almost the entire city that serve unique and delicious food. One restaurant in Calabasas that you will have to try after you finish relocating is Saddle Peak Lodge. Saddle Peak Lodge gives its patrons artfully crafted food that is fresh and delicious. Their selection of wines, cocktails, and beers is also of exceptional quality. After dining at Saddle Peak Lodge you will wonder why you waited so long to move to Calabasas.

Calabasas offers access to the beautiful California Outdoors

Calabasas averages around 285 sunny days every year. The temperature ranges from around 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the time of year, giving you plenty of beautiful days to spend outdoors. In addition to Brandon’s Village, Calabasas has a Tennis and Swim Center for its residents. The center is regarded as one of the best public facilities in Southern California. There is an outdoor pool that has activities for adults and children. Also, there is a fitness center, some tennis courts, a massage therapy center, and more. While some of the activities do take place indoors, the Tennis and Swim Center prides itself on getting residents outdoors so that they can enjoy the beautiful weather.

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