Moving Tips

The best way to make your move stress free is to stay organized. Red Ball offers various resources to help you maintain organization and sanity during your move. Below are some tips we suggest you consider. You are also welcome to contact one of our relocation specialists at any time to get answers to your questions and additional tips for your move.

Types of Moves

Moving requires different efforts for different situations. Before you dive head first into the various moving options available to you, start by assessing the type of move you have and what the key factors...

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Knowledge and proper preparation will make your move a breeze.

This section covers the basics of moving whether your move is local or long distance. It will help you prepare a checklist of things to...

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Packing Information

From preparing children and pets for the move to protecting family heirlooms and plants, American Red Ball has the answers.

What Not to Ship Moving Your Children, Pets and Plants Moving Special Items Professional Packing Techniques 1. What Not...

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Moving Checklists


When it’s time to move, there is a to-do list that can sometimes seem to grow as your move gets closer. We’ve created three of what we believe to be the most important checklists...

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Moving Expenses

If you are planning a move this year, there are various factors you will want to keep in mind as you work through figuring the cost of the total move.

Moving Costs

When the time comes...

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