What Are The Differences In Moving Companies

Not all moving companies are alike, and finding the one that best suits your family’s needs can be a challenge. After all, a long distance move is a lot more involved than just moving across town. When choosing between moving companies, you need a company that is going to treat your furniture and other possessions as if they were their own, a company that will help make this major change in your life as stress free as possible.

Differences in moving companies

Not all moving companies are alike. Below are just few things to consider when shopping for a company to move your belongings to your new home:

  • Experience — When you’re moving out of your current residence, you want a moving company with experience in moving. Such moves need finesse, and often involve overnight stays en route, navigating neighborhoods that are unfamiliar to you and juggling schedules of when you have to be out of your home and when you can move into your new one. Experienced moving companies knows how to handle all of these eventualities without casualty.
  • Longevity — How long the moving company has been in business is a good indicator of how well they can handle the unexpected events that tend to pop up during long distance moves. Choosing a moving company that has a been in business for several years will help to insure you have a successful move.
  • Rates — Of course, how much your move will cost is always a prime consideration. Make sure that the moving companies you talk to take into account all of your living and storage spaces, including any attics, crawl spaces and/or garages. Be wary of the company that gives you a firm estimate without walking through your living space.
  • Trained staff — You’ve worked long and hard to be able to purchase the belongings that make your house a home. You don’t want to leave them in the hands of seasonal help. You want a company with well-trained, dedicated staff, who view their jobs as a career, not a summer hobby.
  • Hidden charges — Hidden charges can turn your move into a nightmare. There are a myriad of potential extra fees in a long distance move. If you are moving to or from a walk-up apartment or a building with a elevator, that could involve an extra fee. So could things that involve extra care and logistics, such as a piano.
  • Insurance and bonding — Even the most careful of moving companies sometimes makes mistakes. Does the company you’re considering hiring have bonded employees and offer insurance in case one of your belongings gets lost or damaged during the move?

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