Long Distance Moving Isn’t For Dummies

Long distance moving isn't for dummiesLong distance moving takes know-how. There are new schools to adjust to, new friends to make and a new house that will soon become your home. The changes and adjustments are many, so many that a “Moving for Dummies” book can’t prepare you for everything.

Having been in the moving business for nearly 100-years, Red Ball has decades of experience and understands the many complexities of moving. That’s why we’re passionate about offering simple moving tips that can both save you time and eliminate stress.

Don’t Get Stuck In Traffic

Few people enjoy getting stuck in traffic. And when rush hour traps you in on all sides, it’s a genuine test of patience. The same thing can happen in a long distance move if you don’t plan ahead.

With thousands of Americans moving each year, movers can quickly get booked-up for spring and summer moves. It will serve in your best interest to start acquiring free moving estimates at least 4-6 months in advance of your moving date. Planning ahead will assure you don’t become part of the traffic jam if moving during peak season.

Get It Covered

Unfortunately, things can happen when moving. Before beginning your long distance move, contact your insurance company and make sure your items are covered in the event of damage or loss.

If you don’t have adequate insurance coverage, most moving companies can help you acquire additional insurance. Not only will this offer peace of mind, but if needs be, will provide a way to replace items that could get damaged during the move.

Before you pack up your household furniture, make sure it will fit in your new home. Acquire a floor plan of the house you will be moving into and double check to see if there will be any items you need to sell or get rid of. There is no need to have the headache of having items that won’t fit once you get there.


Every family has a familiar dentist, doctor, chiropractor and even veterinarian. Before moving, ask your current providers for recommendations of quality medical treatment in your new town. If you have ongoing medical issues, this will this allow time for your new doctor to become aware of your issues and even if there are no serious health related concerns, you can have the assurance that if an emergency did arise, you would know who to contact.


It’s fairy easy to disassemble furniture and pack belongings, but what about when it comes time to reassemble. Smart movers will make sure they have the necessary tools for reassembly. This might include a hammer, screwdriver, electric drill, and allen wrenches. Make sure when packing your boxes this is the last box on the truck. Thinking ahead will insure you can access the box easily when unpacking and can have your tools readily available once in your new home.

Red Ball Specializes In Long Distance Moving

If just the thought of moving across the country makes you tired, let Red Ball help. Our professional staff can help make your move an enjoyable one. With many years of experience we can assist you in every aspect of your journey. Contact us for a free moving quote today.