How To Choose Between Long Distance Movers

Choosing between long distance movers can be a stressful endeavor under the best of circumstances. But the right long distance mover can assist in transporting your belongings and can help relieve much of the stress of moving.

Because your moving company will be responsible for ensuring that everything from your brand new living room set to your grandmother’s china that has been passed down to you makes it to your new home safely, you will want to take your time and do your homework before choosing among the various long distance movers. Ultimately, only you can make the decision; however, there are some things you may wish to consider when comparing the pros and cons of various long distance movers.

Are Your Long Distance Movers Licensed/Insured

For a company to offer long distance moving services, it must be properly licensed and insured. A moving company that cannot provide proof of both should definitively be avoided. A moving company that is operating without the proper federal license is violating federal regulations. Insufficient insurance coverage means that your belongings are not properly insured against theft or damage. You can check a mover’s license on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website. Don’t be afraid to ask for a copy of the company’s proof of insurance as well.

Do Your Long Distance Movers Have Good ReviewsLong Distance Movers

While no company can escape the occasional complaint, a moving company with a history of complaints or one with a series of particularly serious complaints should be avoided. You can compare safety ratings on prospective long distance movers on the FMCSA’s website as well. The Better Business Bureau is another source available for obtaining an overall rating on any moving company.

Are Your Long Distance Movers Experienced

When it comes to interstate moving, the bottom line is that experience counts. Red Ball has been in the moving business since 1919, making them a pioneer among long distance movers. Interstate moving involves a number of concerns that a local move does not. Along with numerous state and federal laws and regulations that must be followed, a long distance move is also riskier for the cargo because it has farther to travel. For these reasons, you want to be sure that you trust your belongings to an experienced interstate moving company.

Did Your Long Distance Mover Offer A Detailed Quote

Cost is typically a factor when picking from a list of long distance movers; however, you should do more than simply compare prices. Ask for a detailed quote in writing from any potential mover. Read each estimate carefully to be sure that everything involved in your move is actually included in the price.

Look For The Obvious Red Flags

The moving business is fraught with scam artists and “fly by night” companies. To ensure that you do not become the victim of one, look for some common signs that a moving company is less than legitimate. Stay away from a company that insists on cash or a large deposit prior to the move. Also be wary of a company that offers estimates over the phone or online. Never use long distance movers that shows up in a rental truck or one that cannot provide all required documents and a written estimate.

Red Ball has been providing hassle free long distance moving services at competitive prices for almost a century. We understand how stressful a move can be, which is why we offer our customers the ability to consult with an expert moving specialist. We can handle everything from packing to unpacking your home which allows you to focus on other aspects of your move. Contact Red Ball today for a free moving quote.

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