How To Avoid Moving Mistakes

Interstate movingIs it possible to prevent costly moving mistakes? When you’re preparing to move far away from home, stress can come in many forms. What you don’t need is more stress caused by avoidable moving mistakes. From plotting your route to managing utilities across states to negotiating with cross country moving companies, there’s plenty of room for making some moving mistakes. Get a leg up on your move by reviewing how to avoid moving mistakes:

Moving Mistake #1: Not Using a Reputable Moving Company

First things first: You shouldn’t attempt interstate moving by yourself. Even if you’ve moved around a lot in your hometown, transporting your entire life as far away as another state is an entirely different challenge. Forgetting even the most minor parts of your move can be hugely expensive, so be sure you hire a good company with a solid track record for success. This is the most common in the list of moving mistakes and is the easiest to be avoided.

Moving Mistake #2: Not Understanding Moving Policies

Depending on which mover you go with, they’ll have a unique set of company policies regarding everything from how they quote their services to how many times they’ll rearrange your furniture in your new home. Don’t get lost in the paperwork. Make sure you have a sound understanding of exactly what your money gets you when it comes to planning the move and packing, transporting, and unpacking your belongings. Moving mistakes are often made by not paying attention to small details. Be sure to read the fine print.

Moving Mistake #3: Not Adequately Planning the Move

Above all else, be sure your movers help you put together a smart plan for the move. Beyond the packing, you’ll need to know exactly how long it will take to get to your new home. Make sure you plan your trip to avoid rush hour traffic and particularly busy roadways. Plan an emergency kit to keep with you at all times so no matter what happens to your belongings, you’ll have some clothing, toiletries, and food to hold you over.

Moving Mistake #4: Not Preparing for Moving Day

There are some things even experienced movers might not be able to help you with. As you organize everything and prepare it for the big day, be sure you clear all pathways in your home. If you are helping with the packing process, clearly mark all of your boxes and bags so the movers know where everything goes in the new home. It’s also easy to forget that moving can be quite risky for computers. Be sure to back up important information so you don’t lose anything on the way.

Moving Mistake #5: Not Knowing Your Costs

Moving out of state can be very expensive, but you can avoid moving mistakes by getting your final moving fees in writing before the big day. Look for companies like Red Ball that offer a price guarantee or a written clause promising not to exceed the price in your quote. The last thing you’ll want to do after the big move is sign over even more of your money for unexpected costs.

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