5 Odd But Useful Moving Tips

Odd Moving TipsYour friends and neighbors are likely to offer dozens of moving tips – even if their moving experience is limited. To keep yourself organized, your family motivated and your belongings safe, you need some moving tips that work – even if they do sound a little crazy.

Long distance moving can be stressful for the entire family. The expenses, changes, and looming deadlines can take their toll on the best of plans. To stay moving in the right direction and keep your items in one piece, incorporate these simple moving tips.

1. Not Everything Goes In A Box

While packing, try to look for space you can utilize other than a box. Think how much empty space is in your large Tupperware containers. This space can be utilized to pack small items such as spices or small kitchen items. The same goes for your crock pot and other large kitchen items. It’s easy to conserve space if you simply take the time to consider all the places you can use to pack small items.

2. Take Your Bath Towels To The Kitchen

When it comes to moving your kitchen, one of our favorite moving tips is to place Styrofoam plates in between your glass plates before packing. The Styrofoam plates are both economical and offer good protection. You can also add additional protection to your dishes by lining the box with bath towels.

Some items are too large for Styrofoam plates; such as a large glass baking dishes, but you still need to pack them so they don’t get broke. This is where your bath towels come in handy. Use your bath towels in between larger glass items to both protect the glass items and conserve packing space.

Be sure to label your boxes, detail what items are inside, and clearly mark if they are breakable. This will insure that whoever unpacks the box will know it’s more than a box of towels.

3. Don’t Throw All Your Junk Away

Many moving tips will include the suggestion to ‘purge’ before packing. This is a recommendation to get rid of old and useless items that don’t need to be moved. While this is necessary, there are some things you don’t want to throw away.

Old bedding, such as sheets and blankets make great protection for larger items. Use those old sheets to protect your mattress and box springs. You can also wrap your dresser, headboard, table top, etc., in old blankets. After wrapping your items we recommend using high quality shrink-wrap to hold the sheets or blankets in place. Furthermore, the shrink-wrap adds additional protection from scratches and dings.

The moving company will normally provide furniture padding, but these additional precautions will insure your items are well protected.

4. Bag It Before Boxing

When disassembling furniture we all have the best of intentions. At the moment we plan on keeping things together, but it’s all too easy to lose necessary bolts, screws or other pieces that are vital for reassembly. Plus, by the time you disassemble and reassemble several items, you may fail to remember how each of them came apart.

To avoid the frustration of lost parts and pieces, use sandwich bags and/or freezer bags to store bolts, screws and small pieces. These bags provide a handy storage solution that can also be taped to the piece of furniture so you know exactly what piece of furniture the bolts, screws, etc. belong to. Large freezer bags can also be used to store cables and wires from your electronics.

5. Use Your Phone For Organization

“How did I get all that in there?” It’s a question many homeowners ask when trying to remember how they had arranged dishes, glassware or a curio cabinet items in their previous home. With today’s smart phones, a simple picture can save you precious time.

It only takes a couple seconds to photograph your dishes, curio cabinet or some other items that are places delicately on shelves on in a cabinet. This will enable you to quickly remember how items were placed and not waste precious time when organizing your new home.

You can also use your camera to take a picture of connections on your favorite electronics. This will also help you to remember how the cables and wires were arranged.

Red Ball Moving Tips

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