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Pack Truck/Pack Van

Various sizes but typically 12’ box. Both vehicles are usually used for packing services, debris pickups, and other small tasks.
Pack Truck Van

Straight Truck/Shuttle Truck

Various sized 24’-26’ and holds weights up to 12,000 lbs.

Tractor-Trailer Sizes

48ft: Cubes 3,600ft3-3,800ft3
51ft: Cubes 3,800ft3-4,000ft3
53ft: Cubes 4,200ft3-4,400ft3

Weight: 25,200 lbs.-26,600 lbs.
Weight: 26,600 lbs.-27,500 lbs.
Weight: 29,500 lbs.-30,800 lbs.

Max. Total Measurements

Weight: 80,000 lbs.
Length: 75’0”
Height: 13’6”
Width: 8’6”

City Tractor-Trailer Sizes

32ft-34ft: Cubes 1,000ft3 Weight: 9,500 lbs.
Trailer height: 12’5” to accomodate loading docks
City Tractor Trailer