Job Well Done!

The following is a letter we recently received from a grateful customer:

“I am forwarding this letter to commend your company for the fine service my daughter received from your company with respect to her move from Virginia to Florida. The move coordinator who we dealt with was Gary Hicks. It is my understanding that Dave Fuller was the driver from All American Movers who had with him Brian Davis and Darrell Hicks as his assistants during the move. The above individuals were extremely helpful in my daughters move which was more expedited than we had hoped. They provided detailed packing instructions. They also assisted my daughter in packing her mirror and TV and brought boxes for her things.

When we initially scheduled the move, my daughter had not located a place to live. As we were able to locate a home for her after the pick up in Virginia, we were able to change the delivery location with absolutely no problem. The individuals representing your company always responded to my wife’s calls and emails and handled any concerns and questions she had. When the materials were delivered, they were all delivered on the date indicated and nothing was damaged. We were also extremely pleased that there were no hidden fees or charges as is so frequently found in the moving business.

On behalf of our daughter and my wife and I, we extend our sincere gratitude for the fine service we received from your company and commend the above individuals who provided service above and beyond the call of duty.


Stephen P.”