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Moving is a complicated business involving many tasks. By using a list of tasks you will be able to proceed in a planned and orderly manner. The lack of a plan will result in confusion, repetition of effort, worry abut what you have forgotten, and unnecessary frustration and stress. This site contains the information you need to develop a complete moving plan.

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It’s as easy as 1-2-3

  • STEP 1 – American Red Ball wants to make this an easy experience for you. Common moving tasks are listed in our Moving Calendar for your convenience. It contains most of the tasks you will need to think about and complete before, during and after the move.
  • STEP 2 – As you review American Red Ball’s Moving Calendar, add any items specific to your own move. Note the names and phone numbers of service providers now. That way, when it’s time to contact them, all the contact information is right there with your list. You have a great deal to do, so be specific. It will then be a simple matter to cross off those items you have completed and know at a glance what still needs to be done.
  • STEP 3 – Take advantage of American Red Ball’s 87 years of moving experience, available to you absolutely free. Sign up for our Interactive Moving Calendar. You will receive timely reminders by e-mail when important tasks need to be completed. Your American Red Ball sales representative will be available to advise you and provide you with everything you need to complete your move.

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Every Move is Different

What Details Are Specific to Your Move?

Since every person’s life is different, every move is different.

Arrangements for pets, children, medication, records, change of address notification, plants, packing, etc. are all standard tasks in most moves. As you plan your move you need to take time to identify those items that are special about your move. Here are some examples of things you might need to add to your list, things that are often forgotten.

Storage Options. Is the house you’re having built that was supposed to be ready to occupy last month not going to be finished now until next month? Your American Red Ball agent can arrange for storage of your possessions should the need arise. Clean facilities are available to secure your belongings at either your point of origin or destination. Professional people are trained to carefully pad and pack your household items so they will be properly protected during storage.

Volunteer Work. This may be seasonal or infrequent work at a school, hosptial, church, etc. Do you help with spring landscaping or are you the person who decorates the lobby for Christmas every year? Perhaps you volunteer a week in May and a week in June making coffee and taking messages in the waiting room at your hospital. Do you volunteer to answer phones each year at a telethon? Think about things like this and give the organizations you support plenty of notice that you are moving and they need to find a replacement.

Family Activities & Memberships. Of course, you’ll notify the school that your children are transferring to another school, but how about outside activities they normally participate in away from school like: piano lessons, karate lessons, YMCA, baseball, soccer, dance, Cub Scouts, bowling leagues, etc. They should also be notified that you will be moving. Don’t forget to inquire about whether a partial refund is available if you paid membership or participation fees.

Professional Associations. Notify the professional associations you belong to that you are moving and will not attend future meetings. They’ll appreciate your courtesy and may be able to give you information about local chapters at your new location. Be sure to network heavily so you can arrive at your new location with referrals for new networking contacts.

Support Groups. If you belong to any support groups for illness, dependency, grief, elder caregiver, or other issues, be sure to get information about support groups available at your new location. If you are already in a stressful time in your life, outside support may be needed more than ever as you face the  changes and responsibilities involved in a move.
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