What do companies that excel in customer service have in common? They have made the leap from “Good” to “Great”. 
Attitude is everything, be cheerful and remain focused on the customer’s needs. Do everything reasonable to be helpful.  Smile. Even if a customer is on the telephone and cannot see you, they know if there is a smile in your voice. A smile will put the customer at ease. Always do as much as you can for the customer.
Good customer service is the practice of providing a positive experience. 
Great customer service is going beyond that in exceeding your customer’s expectations in every way.
Good moving companies have polite hardworking people who do the right thing most of the time.
Great moving companies have systems, procedures and evaluation processes in place that ensure their employees have all the tools and training do the right things consistently on every move.
Great customer service today means business tomorrow.
Putting the customer needs and expectations first should be part of your company culture.
Whether in person by telephone or email, let them know you are there to help and that you will take care of them, not only before the move but after as well.
It starts with commitment. We must be completely dedicated to our work in order to even begin to offer great customer service. In addition to commitment, we have to follow through. Customers are 88% more likely to talk about a negative experience than a positive one. So please, don’t give them anything negative to talk about!  Lastly, follow up. More than ever, the customer’s perception of our service determines the future success of our business.

Some of you may be familiar with Bob Farrell former owner of the national chain Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlors and father of the “Pickle philosophy”; When a customer is dissatisfied and you know there is a way to fix it, but aren’t sure you should “Give ’em the Pickle!” In other words do whatever it takes to make things right!